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Ekaterina Gorlova

Yury and Ekaterina Gorlovy are founders of MSMedias group of companies. Thanks to creative and technical symbiosis in approaches to creation and management for 13 years, Yury and Ekaterina created a number of projects in IT sphere, each of which independent recognizable brand.

Some companies in MSMedias are unique in own way and throughout a long time have no competitors. The FoBa advertizing agency which was initially planned as a banner network of subject Forex, grew in the oldest agency of financial advertizing which is monthly serving the big list not only representatives Forex - the industry and stock market, but also investment companies, banks, insurance companies. FoBa, for the majority of the Russian and foreign partners, became the integral assistant to advance that several times was confirmed by awards in the nomination "The Best Agency in the Sphere of Financial Advertising". FoBa are the best experts of Internet advertizing knowing and understanding specifics of this area of finance. Regular participation in conferences and the congresses as speakers confirms existence of unique experience.

Portals the Russian Trader and MaBiCo are part of financial sector and are leading projects in the Runet on activity of traders. The Russian Trader – a platform on which the audience kernel more than 3 000 people where strategy of trade by actions and futures are discussed daily gathers. The Russian Trader enters the five of the best projects devoted to stock market. MaBiCo the resource which is daily publishing forecasts of two leading independent Russian analysts and Forex helping traders to be guided in world currency tendencies.

Further work in financial branch, was the creation of AdvLine advertizing agency rendering services for clients of widely profile, and also creation of the companies - satellites, such as MaxHost – a hosting - the operator, and also Yasnoponyatno's which is daily telling about novelties in the sphere of Digital the project.

Control over visualization of ideas in design, realization of the conceptual directions in a content, introduction of the last trends – is priority for Ekaterina and allows to be always one step away ahead of the competing companies, opening not only new opportunities for creativity, but also justifying investments.


Yuriy Gorlov

However, MSMedias it not only advertizing, is convenient and interesting products for life. Success of each product is directly connected with that it corresponds to the main tendencies in the market. Ekaterina not simply follows that actually at present, but sets rate of development itself, choosing technologies of the future and the most perspective directions in business development.

Grand Mariage – a platform for creation of wedding sites. In the western countries long ago there is a tradition of electronic versions of invitations and albums, but only MSMedias were one of the first who began to offer such services in Russia.

Yury - the guru of a technical aspect of internet marketing. Any project considers from the point of view of a usability and ergonomics. It is masterly in use of all instruments of optimization. To each new direction approaches from scandalous rationality, analytics and statistics. So the site of free announcements of UBU was born. Besides perfectionism in details, the project gains the popularity, also thanks to a live symbol – a duck. The component of charity was realized in this project, and the part of the earned means goes on treatment of children together with "From Heart to Heart" fund.

Yury coordinates work of technical specialists, choosing the priority directions and реализуя stage-by-stage start of projects. Watches the latest technologies in the sphere of development and skillfully them applies. Any sort of a barrier on a way of achievement of the objectives perceives as an immediate task of the increased complexity which decision requires slightly more time and efforts. Development of products of Paradocs, the Zhook mobile application, and also WeBa provider was such. Thanks to persistence and Yury's diligence, he became the largest provider of Moskovsky district.

Besides the solution of strategic tasks of the company, Yury and Ekaterina actively are present at the media sphere, interviews and awards are replaced by participation as speakers at branch conferences and forums, telling about the fundamental principles in internet marketing and the experience of maintaining large-scale projects in IT.

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